Cardinal Direction

by Sam Wu

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released August 4, 2017

All songs written by Sam Wu
Vocals, guitars, keys, and synths composed and performed by Sam Wu
Bass guitar composed and performed by Michael Saiewitz, Josh Lustig, and Mihir Rastogi
Drums composed and performed by Josh Lustig
Recorded by Michael Saiewitz and Sam Wu
Mixed by James Avila
Mastered by Bill Anderson at Azimuth Mastering
Album artwork by Sam Wu



all rights reserved


Sam Wu Parsippany Troy Hills, New Jersey

Alternative Singer-Songwriter from Northern New Jersey.


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Track Name: Stories
I've got my vices and you've got your dues
Our mess of an apartment can barely fit us two
But the size of our dreams will carry the weight
And leave us content at the end of the day

If I had no rhythm or rhyme left inside me
At least I would know that I'm still yours to need
You're my cardinal direction, would you point me home
A compass that guides when I find myself alone

Let's make the best of tonight 'cause for all that we know
Tomorrow could bring us the end of the world
So quell all your qualms at least for now
Worst comes to worst I'll meet you up in the clouds

I've got a beat-up sedan that won't take us too far
But spin the volume knob and we'll count our lucky stars
Let's make our way past all the lights of the town
Towards where we lose ourselves in an effort to be found

So climb up the hills in search of peace
I'll pick you some roses if you sing the blues for me
We'll exhale out all of the burdens of the day
And breathe back in new life, feel it run through our veins

When the sun starts to peek through we're still fighting sleep
And I'm happy to say that I found the life I need
I'll look in your eyes through your thick rimmed frames
And see all I got right, what I hope will remain

And if you'd be so kind as to please promise me
That everything that the both of us believe
Will ring true through all the years to come
And this story we're writing will still spill from our worn out lungs
Track Name: Miss Silhouette
Dear Miss Silhouette our time has not started yet
But I hope that these sounds will find you well
All our past regrets pair well with our jagged steps
Towards the mist in which we will find ourselves

As the blood runs faster through my veins
And the clouds of my breath dissipate
I hope these new leaves are a sign
That you and me could be something new
And with time we'll gain bolder hues
Oh love, may the sun always shine

Miss Silhouette this is just the beginning of a half written story
That we’ll tell to everybody else once we are older, we’ll never grow older
Miss Silhouette you’re a thought in my head I wish will take form soon one day
I'll carve a heart in a tree and leave a space there for your name
C'mon dear what do you say

And all I really have to give to you
Are these drought level yielding honey rhymes
But I hope you'll take me as I am
'Cause all I really need is your hand slipped in mine
Track Name: Heavenly
I’ve been dying to know if you’ve been wanting to meet me too
‘Cause everything that you do is heavenly, heavenly
I can’t think of a better way to start over again anew
Than with someone divine like you, you’re heavenly, heavenly

There’s no reason why we can’t dance together ain’t life grand
The sight of you, well I’ll be damned, you’re heavenly
Oh I have yet to come to know the path that lies ahead
But it won’t be walked alone, the words that you have said
Will dance in my mind ’til the end

I think that time is running short so grab your shoes run out the door
If you dare we’ll see the world, you’re heavenly, heavenly
If the songs on the radio sound hollow and too dull
We’ll grab a pen and write our own, we’ll be heavenly

I got lost somewhere in between
Silent words and skipped heartbeats
Can you hear my bated breaths if you listen closely
You said “come along boy, follow me”
You’re a holy voice reading poetry
And I’m just sitting here singing “Isn’t She Lovely”
Track Name: Chasing Waterfalls
Maybe the sounds of these chords will mask the cracks in my voice
We were freshly grown love picked apart too soon
And what can it do without its proper roots
All it led to were broken bottles and empty hearts

But I still pray that we'll make way back to how we were in bygone days somehow
It’s not the same these days, I know it’s not the same
We’ll make our way back to how we were in bygone days somehow
It’s not the same these days

We were chasing waterfalls, now it seems everything’s my fault
I can’t just ask you to stay
We used to drive towards city lights, park benches figuring out our lives
I can’t just ask you to stay

2 a.m. head’s coming out of the clouds
I’m a bullet in your sea slow me down
They said don’t let it get you down, kid you’ve got a life to live
Leave behind dead roses, hope will come around

To tell you the whole truth I was hoping it’d be you
That I’d never have to let go of
And tell me once again how you are letting in
All of this damned wavering doubt
Track Name: Wonder
Love, one day the sun will go down on us all
Where will you be, I hope it's with me
The day that melodies will fade
And leave the air in silence oh, don't you be afraid

Sometimes I find myself staring out at the sea
It calms and it wonders let it lull you back to sleep
All I have is yours to keep, all I am is yours to need now

Though it may seem that our dreams are safer than reality
Imagine what we've not seen
I know that you've got tired eyes
But we're still young and this world ain't pausing time